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Here you will find various custom designs and authentic replicas of original works!

1. Spirit of 76. An Allentown-Bethlehem School style rifle.  This is a replica of what I feel is the most patriotic rifle ever built in this country. It was built at a time when patriotism was at a fever pitch. The original that this rifle is copied from was built in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, "The Cradle of Liberty" by Jacob Kuntz who was one of the finest gun builders our infant nation had. I have been referring to this rifle as "The Spirit of 76" as the patch-box has an American Eagle sitting on the head of a British Lion that has a collar around its neck and is pecking on the Lion's nose. The Lion's teeth and claws are old Ivory as well as the Eagle's beak and claws on the carving side of the rifle. The lock is "hand made" and is left in the white as is the barrel. The rifle is 50caliber with a 44inch swamped barrel. I have more information on this rifle and will be happy to advise those interested and will e-mail any requested photos of this rifle.



2. Jacob Kuntz Rifle; the original was built circa 1800 and is of the Allentown School.




The Pipe Tomahawk

The Pipe Tomahawk is a part of American history and has been made by some of the riflesmith artisans who were active in building the American long rifles in the18th century. Some of the high art tomahawks were presented to the chief of a tribe as a gesture of friendship. Possession of one of these tomahawks became a status symbol. The British government on occasion would commission certain gunbuilders to make presentation tomahawks when they were going to an important meeting or treaty with a tribe.  The inlays are done in the manner the original builders used. No solder is used to hold the inlays in the head of the tomahawk. The mortise for an inlay is under-cut and a rubbing taken in the inlay, is sawed out with a jeweler saw. The inlay is set in the mortise, The inlay is then filed flush with the metal surface of the tomahawk and engraved. The handle is approximately 23 inches long, the head is just over8 inches long. The silver wire and inlays are .999 pure silver.

3. Tomahawk Reproduction

4. This is a copy of what is known as the Angstadt tomahawk, even though the head is signed by F. HOFF

5. These are photographs of a copy of an original tomahawk by unknown maker.



6. The Judgment Tomahawk  This is a hand forged head. All inlays are either brass or pure silver. The diamond shaped inlays on the handle are Ivory. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are featured, representing , Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. If your want the complete meaning, read the sixth chapter of Revelation and each rider is described in detail. The hand holding the scale over the word "TEKEL" is found in the book of Daniel the 5th chapter 27th verse, meaning, "You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting". The weeping hearts represent the fifth wound of Jesus on the cross when he died for our sins. The clear path through the silver wire to the weeping heart is from the new testament where Jesus says "broad is the way, narrow is the path and no one comes to the father except through me". The fierceness of the inlaid faces at the head represents the fact that Jesus can be your savior now or your judge in eternity, there is no compromise. The reason he is in three places on the tomahawk represents, Omni presence and the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The four horses running toward the globe with the eagle, which is the United States, represent the judgment that is on it's way. This tomahawk is made as a witness to what the world has come to. (click to enlarge)

7. Pipe tomahawk; The head is hand forged from a rifle barrel. The head and mouth piece are a copy of an original. The turtle represents a totem of the Delaware Tribe and the wire inlay, leaves and flowers represents the tree of life they believed came from the back of the turtle. the silver is .999% pure silver.