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The following items are all for sale; if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact me to commission one.

1. This rifle is a combination of the finest characteristics of three rifles built by Jacob Kuntz of Philadelphia. It is 50 Cal. with a 45 inch swamped barrel. The silver work is .999 pure silver. The Ivory inlays are very old Ivory my grandfather had when I was a boy and I'm 75 now. A lot of the same characteristics used by Kuntz can be found on rifles built by other rifle smiths in the Lehigh Valley area. We find intermarriage and strong ties between many gun-building families, as an example, in 1812 Jacob Kuntz married Barbara Newhard, niece of Peter Newhard, gunsmith of Allentown 1743-1813. Jacob Kuntz is buried with his wife in the Union Cemetery in Allentown Pennsylvania. Price $17,000.00

2. Replica of a Bucks County Rifle. The original was built by Andrew Verner circa 1780-1790, some think pre-revolution. This rifle is 50cal. with a 45 inch swamped barrel. (click to enlarge)  Price $7,500.00


3. Pipe tomahawk; The head is hand forged from a rifle barrel. The head and mouth piece are a copy of an original. The turtle represents a totem of the Delaware Tribe and the wire inlay, leaves and flowers represents the tree of life they believed came from the back of the turtle. the silver is .999% pure silver.  Price $3,500.00

4. This is a reproduction of a York County School of the Kentucky Rifles. The original was built by George Schroyer. This rifle is a 50cal. with a 45 inch swamped Getz barrel. Price $7,500.00